Tuesday, October 7, 2014

.......................Pieere Lamure ......Moulin Rouge

This is the unsuitable course of KIEA’s drawers with a couple of sliders, a claimed defected one, it could be anything but  a desk, it’d be a wonderful dream to have a desk of my own, basically, anyone could have that kind of dream , so do I, on my own.  Aren’t supposed and no longer allowed me to write on the wall.  And since it’s of my own and I am too old to write on the wall, it is naturally the golden rule of my own should write whatsoever of the thing I would have it written on the wall since I have style of my own will and if you were a little nasty toddy. Say, if you were a little toddler of yourself, then you could do anything of your own’s will, but not forever, specially, now this time it’s Ah Ahe! And, no noh!Any way, now I'm on my own ass and so are you. I’ll have  a computer on this desk and of course dang it,on my own and I can write a book or two if and only if you are approximately as a nut as author who wrote a book to himself, a 50 cents Signet of some sort. May be you can show me how to write as well. At the time of financial crisis there’re a lot of people suffering from the riddle of economic flirtation, somehow the improvised by this desk helps me out, it is unforgettably cheap according to objective purpose, here is the standard of living and low profile like the others flashing memmory Economic cost  unforcing to subsided, when some wonderful idea submerged up, where to keep people happy hereonin and be able to surviveEver after……

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