Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slashs the moon by Thong D.

. The whole point stayed within our heads through the point of synapses, the imaginary but the thing is, honestly it has to be the poem described in theme of young lovers. All I could think about this when I was killing time. When I have put the iron rod back into the furnance and reheated it. Please try to understand this situation that just happen it was the derivation of new direction approaching the option as a hood “Oh!” mother dear, “I’d like to reshape this hammer again” with the habituate tone I having always been talking to myself. From either end beat it both sides and beat it all over again,dipping it in the cold water,thus hardening rod make it tougher from inside out, then grinded the excessive grains. A bastard file in hand to repeat the fine side with sand paper which made edges sharpen on both side. I should not stop, cheasel is just a tool I would inscrib the marble over my tomb, there stood the statue of ice. As cold as ice statue of slash the moon by Thong D.

 Yes ! …
…….As dawn goes by over the sky misty came the morning glorious day, late afternoon then evening also leave the moon above the sky, we were wondering why? ……….”What’s on thee desire o’ mind” that’s right “What to do?” we thought of him who is who when the owl sing, To-whoo, To-who, What’s for? Thee needed love but not to be bored and that’s supposed, rewards given but thee were forbidden, sing To-whoo, To-who “Do you know why?”, cuz, so many time we were forgotten those target and the rhymes, “keep cool” it’s all right for to night, sing To-whoo, ……To-who, never too soon de poet of wisdom will slash the moon. The moon would beheaded, he said, To-whoo, To-who, as pen was writing in my thought by nboth edges of his swords, “The moon” he said “c’mon, deancing around me”. In the “green”tower. Give me a drink and I’d talk until three At first by whom, he who had said replied Beyond his hands their lives presume Nevertheless here’s a drink, sure ain’t coffee Whales, sperm whales, all whales are cursed Swallow it all at once he did as that’s spree And, grabbed his sword then wish us lucks. Since when “Did I ever have that sinful spirit,” If I have not taken off this solicitous to make friend with him, it would not paid off .